Three Things I Would Take on a Deserted Island

This assignment was fun! We had to pick three different things I would take on a deserted island. I used photoshop to add all of the images together to make one image. I decided to take a practical approach on this one. I would take a Kindle because I would have access to multiple books that I have loaded on this device. And the battery lasts for a long time. The next thing I would take with me is a knife. This would help me in tons of different ways because I could cut things, to make a shelter, cut food, and if possible defend myself. I picked a hunters knife specifically because it would be durable and would stand up to everyday wear and tear. The third thing I would bring is an eno hammock. These things are pretty durable, and they are easy to use. I would be able to set up a shelter pretty easily. It would keep me off the ground and away from possible animals.

This assignment evoked a lot of thought. There are multiple different things you can bring on a deserted island. These things can be totally different because you can have fun things but you can also bring serious things that would help you with surviving. I decided to combine the two by bringing two things that would be useful and one thing that would be entertaining.

Three things I would take on an deserted island