“I Never Knew This World Could Be This Mad”

For my my final audio assignment I decided to do the Imitate some weather assignment (1.5 stars). I didn’t really have to think this hard for this one I knew that I was either going to do the wind blowing, waves crashing, or thunder. After I thought about each of these and actually tried to make the sounds with my mouth I decided that the best sounding one was the wind.

I had to go into the bathroom to record this effect because my friends were in the living room being loud and I didn’t want them in the background. All i did was simply do a pre-whistle blow with my mouth as the wind got stronger I tried to bring in more of the whistle itself. It wasn’t really hard, it just took a lot of breath. I had to record it multiple times because I didn’t like the quality and sound that I was hearing. I recorded this assignment using Audacity. Take a listen and let me know what you think.